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House Packard McElderry LLC (HPM Law) is a Kansas City based law firm specializing in personal injury, bankruptcy, LGBT issues, traffic tickets and other legal matters. Their most important site requirement was a calming aesthetic. Caiman Web Design chose a cool blue gradient color scheme with a pale yellow accent. The result is a soothing, welcoming user experience. Also paramount was an intuitive design that made it simple for users to find exactly where they needed to go. To accomplish this, we created an uncluttered home page with the firm's contact information displayed above the fold clearly, along with streamlined navigation.

To help meet these requirements site wide, HPM Law choose a Fully Custom website. You can see that the design elements of the interior pages match those of the home page to a T. We also designed them a new matching logo to compliment the site's design and showcase the firm's branding. And as with every website we create, the HPM Law website is mobile friendly, search engine optimized and includes a full content management system.

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  • Fully Custom
  • Custom Logo
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized