Why Caiman Web Design?

What does your current web presence (or lack thereof) say about your business? Over 90% of people looking for an attorney first turn to the web, and what they find there will shape their impression of your firm’s professionalism. Caiman Web Design knows how to make that first impression a great one.

Our Experience

The world wide web has existed since way back in 1993, and the talented team at Caiman Web Design has been making websites for over a third of that time. We’ve seen a myriad of technologies emerge over the years and we’ve strived to keep ourselves on the bleeding edge. And just as importantly, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning how law firms operate, grow and succeed. We’re thrilled to apply this experience to help your firm succeed.

Our Quality

We’re web nerds, so one of our most enjoyable challenges of web development is building a site that performs flawlessly. We utilize the latest and greatest web technologies to build sites that are fast loading, mobile friendly and optimized for search engines. We use our tech know-how to craft intuitive, pleasant user experiences. The less mental effort a user has to exert to navigate your site, the more likely he or she is to become a client.


Our Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a company that puts forth as little effort as possible to resolve your issue? Have you ever been treated more like a nuisance than a customer? Have you ever been promised something but ended up being sorely disappointed? We have too. And we strive to be the opposite of that type of company. If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on above anything else, it’s our commitment to treating our clients with the respect we ourselves desire from others. You know, that whole Golden Rule thing.